Friday, May 18, 2012

Spank the Monkey

Last night I dreamed that I wandered past the former location of Estroff Pharmacy on 2nd Avenue, between 8th and 9th, where I used to get my prescriptions filled (and which is currently under construction). A new business had gone in. The entryway was decorated with memorabilia from the old Batman TV show. I went inside to investigate. In what looked like a crappy office, preppy young men in crisp suits sat around a table. They leaned back in their chairs.

"What is this place?" I asked.

"Welcome to Spank the Monkey," said one, grinning. "Also known as The Grab Ass!" The men laughed conspiratorially, proud of their creation. They invited me to go inside and check it out.

Behind the office was a small bar decorated to look like a suburban basement, the kind of place where teenagers can hang out without Mom and Dad interfering. Wood paneling, crappy couches. The bar was filled with frat-boy types and leggy fashion models. Everyone was dumb and talking about dumb things. One girl was complaining in a loud voice about designer jeans. I was appalled and kept trying to sneak pictures of them to post on the blog.



  1. Mistah J, CONGRATS on new blog.....could be quite interesting as we go along.....I've had a couple'o'dreams about NYC over the years.....I'll try and get them down on paper over the next few weeks and send 'em in.....break a leg!

  2. I'm now scared that the powers behind the 13th Step will steal this business model.

  3. thanks DrBOP! Marty "Spank the Monkey" does indeed sound like one of their bars.