Monday, April 2, 2012

Gas Station Art

I dreamed that the closed gas station on 8th Avenue at Horatio Street was reopening because the owners were able to renegotiate their lease.

They were clearing out the rubble of the old gas station to make way for their renovations. Amid the ruins were bunches of original drawings for classic movie posters, including Star Wars. The woman who created them was trying to save them--many had been damaged by the elements. She wanted her artworks to be preserved. But the businesswoman in charge of the gas station's renovation didn't care, she just wanted everything cleaned out and tossed away. The two women were in conflict about the movie poster art and kept fighting over it, with the artist crying and begging while the businesswoman bossed her around. I stepped in to mediate between the two of them and was able to help them come to a compromise of some sort.