Sunday, May 20, 2012

Artworld Asshole

Astor Place had been filled with shiny new buildings made of glass and chrome, all of them containing high-end art galleries. The streets had become crowded with gallery people--all of them with nasty, superior attitudes. I felt snubbed every time I walked through Astor Place.

After being snubbed and cut off too many times, when a man in fedora and trenchcoat cut across my path, I became irate. I screamed after him, "You cut me off? Fuck you, you artworld asshole! I'll shove a blowtorch up your ass and blow you straight to Hell!" He kept walking.

I hoped that using this course language would embarrass all the artworld people who wanted Astor Place to be a place of refinement.



  1. I don't remember how I got here.
    But I agree,

  2. Was this a dream or it happened? 'Cause I have had these moments where I have screamed profanities at these art world assholes, and tourists, like they own the streets and sidewalks of NYC and all I got, still, is a snubbed and a look down and they just walk away. I am becoming one of Will Eisner's Invisible People.