Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Golden Handcuffs

I find myself in the most amazing of all locations. A house with a yard, not over-manicured, perhaps a hammock. There is a view of river all around, and somewhere in the distance the Empire State Building. It is sunny and very quiet and absolutely gorgeous. I am deeply happy and feel at home. There is the main house, and also a small cottage in the back.

I am offered to rent the place for $1,200 a month. It is unclear if I would be allowed to sublet the cottage,or even if I would have an official lease.

I have a dilemma--do I give up my apartment in Penn South, which I am guaranteed to have until I die--for a place that I might not be able to have forever? Is there some way that I could afford both payments? I feel trapped.

And then, perhaps in a different storyline, I was swimming around Manhattan...


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