Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7th St. Ghost World

My dream starts off with me walking down East 7th Street between 1st and A. It's early evening around Christmas time and they have all those wreaths and lights up, but there are no fancy restaurants or overpriced boutiques. I'm talking to a friend who works at Otherworldly Waxes and then I cross the street. The scene changes and it's summertime and I'm petting the cat that lives at Mikey's Pet Shop. I start to walk back up toward 1st Avenue with the cat following me, then the cat and I cross the street again and we're hanging out with two little kids whose parents own an herb shop (I think it was called Penny's).

I remember that I'm supposed to be at work (at Nemesis--other end of the block), so I leave and start back down the block, but when I get there the store is gone and there is a fancy salon in its place. I have no idea what's going on.

Maybe I'm a ghost living in a ghost world of a long time ago or maybe I'm going crazy. I decide that I didn't want to go to work anyway and I cross the street and walk into the park.


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  1. thank you for mentioning PENNYS HERB CO

    rainer. susan. kim {pennys herb co since 1975